Move aside, winter – spring is taking over!

 I don’t know about you, but I am definitely ready to escape the polar vortex of winter. Luckily, spring (and a wardrobe update) is just on the horizon. It’s time to shed the polo-necks and embrace bright colours, florals, and dresses again.

As you start to transition all your winter clothes towards the back of the closet, you may need some inspiration when you go to pick out new pieces to fill those empty hangers.

 So, what colours are we going to see this Spring?



According to Pantone the number one colour of the Year is ‘Living Coral’                   

Coral is an absolute oasis in the drabness of winter. After being named Pantone colour of the year, you better bet it’s going to be in all the top spring fashion trends this year. Try a bright coral sweater or incorporate pops of coral in your outfit.



This shade, isn’t going anywhere anytime soon so it should come as no surprise to you that yellow is trending for Spring and Summer! Almost any shade of yellow is out there, so even if it’s not your best colour, you can probably find some type of clothing piece, shoe or accessory to brighten your wardrobe. If you’re hesitant to put a yellow shirt or pair of pants on, grab a purse or statement necklace for a pop of colour!

All available from ‘Sandwich’ @ weardrobe

All available from ‘Sandwich’ @ weardrobe

Integrate yellow into your wardrobe and invite it to brighten up any look—it’ll deliver.

Integrate yellow into your wardrobe and invite it to brighten up any look—it’ll deliver.

 NON-BORING BEIGE & head to toe neutrals

Not necessarily a new thing, but monochrome neutrals are still gonna be majorly hot for spring 2019

Think 50 shades of beige and head to toe in the most neutral colour palette you've ever seen. Think any beiges, tans, camels and nudes you love and bring them to the forefront of your wardrobe. Perhaps that camel coat you so love can be thrown over that boiler suit you've been meaning to purchase, or even that black cami that's your go to piece can be swapped out this Spring Summer for a neutral version. It's a trend that has so much versatility.

So, If tans and browns are in your colour palette, prepare to rejoice! Earth tones are definitely showing up everywhere this year, in pretty much every style of clothing. It’s always nice to see a basic neutral trending!

Hot Magenta

A hair deeper than traditional hot pink, get ready to see this sultry colour take over your life!!


Looking for the next colour you should invest in? … Go for blue!

It's typical in the spring and summer to see a few lighter colours play a main part in trends and this year is no different. All tones of light to medium blues are in full force and they are a springy colour you can very easily incorporate into your wardrobe. A basic top is a particularly easy to way to do this, but don't be afraid to try a dress or pair of bottoms!

Animal Print …RAWR!

Unleash your wild side with edgy animal print. If wearing an entire printed top is a little too much for you, try incorporating smaller pieces of animal print like leopard printed flats, tortoiseshell jewelly, or a snakeskin clutch (all faux of course)

 Sporty Elements

You’ll find lots of sporty elements on spring pieces this year. This trend is certainly not just limited to bottoms. You could also try a cardigan or t-shirt with an athletic-inspired accent


Regular plaid is so ‘grey’. Be a little more adventurous this Spring…

Lavender Love

Lavender has an utterly feminine feel to it…

Just a little tip!

Before getting started, do remember to be picky with your trends and to dress for YOUR body shape.

Build up your basics wardrobe before you add trends. If you feel like you don't have any basic outfits to start with, buying trends will only frustrate you. Make sure you have those basics first: good fitting white tee, jeans, trousers, dress.  When you have a good foundation, adding a trend or two to your style becomes fun and adds value to your wardrobe!

The arrival of spring is no guarantee for good weather. But the great news is that warmer days are coming. They have to be?! And, thankfully, this seasons fashion looks set to be a scorcher!

Sandra Rusk