Our 5 tips to help you look your very best this Autumn season..


Confidence in your appearance will boost your self-esteem…but how do some people always look so ‘put together’?! Here are some tips to help you perfect your look…

(1) Your body shape

Think about your body shape. What are your figure difficulties? where do you put on weight? Do you buy the same size top & bottom? BALANCE IS VITAL – it’s shape not size that matters. For example if you have narrow shoulders and wide hips – you need to broaden your shoulders by wearing set in sleeves (not drop shoulder), to balance your shoulders with your hips.

(2) Your size

You should always buy clothes for the size and shape you are now, rather than the one you would like to be! Instead of wishing you had a “model” figure, concentrate on making the most of what you have and learn how to balance your figure by using a few simple tricks. STOP FOCUSING ON THE NEGATIVE focus on the positive.

(3) Scale

You need to consider the scale of your body in relation to the scale of your clothes. Striking the right balance between you and what you’re wearing means selecting prints, textures and accessories with a similar scale to your own e.g. A petite woman will be swamped by a large pattern and a large woman will appear even larger in a tiny print

If you’re small and wear large prints, they’ll over-power you and make you look smaller. So NEVER wear large prints if you’re small.

If you’re large and wear a small print, it will dwarf the print details and make you look bigger. So NEVER wear small prints of you’re big.

Instead, opt for prints that are in proportion to your body size, that way you can wear them with ease.

(4) Height

If a woman is 5’3 or under she is considered to be petite and will have problems with fit, as sleeve & hem lengths will have been designed for a taller woman - so get to know your tailor!

(5) The column of colour

Now that I’ve balanced out my body shape, how can I look taller and slimmer?

Everyone knows that vertical lines appear to lengthen and slim the figure, whereas horizontal lines have the effect of shortening and widening it. The higher up the body the eye goes before it stops the taller and slimmer one will appear.

Horizontal stripes visually widen whatever they’re against. So if you have wide areas on your body (large breasts, a thick waist, ample hips), putting a horizontal stripe there will only make it look wider. So don’t do it. NEVER wear horizontals – against the widest parts of your body.

But if you have narrow shoulders, tiny breasts, or no hips, adding horizontal lines can visually widen those areas, making them look larger and curvier. So DO wear horizontals if you want to enhance an area and get your clothes to make you look like you have a better figure than you do. Try ‘the column of colour’ – it can become your secret weapon! Wear one colour (or tones of one colour) from top to toe, lightened with a different coloured blouse/jacket.

Remember to keep tights/socks the same colour as shoes!

You’re an individual, and what works for a thousand others many not be right for you. Be thoughtful and discerning as you dress. Your image will be the better for it.

Sandra Rusk